chocolate oatmeal

And brown sugar and cinnamon and raisins and salt.

It seemed like a good idea.


Calypso Facto said...

Don't chocolate the oatmeal, Dude! Yuch!

Chip Ahoy said...


And the whole time I was imagining an oatmeal nut bar with a thin coat of chocolate and that seemed like a great idea. This would be a more milky, more liquid, version of that same thing. But the dark couverture chocolate buttons that I used melted so pervasively and being warmed, like molten chocolate lava with flecks of oatmeal in it and nuts and raisins here and there, it was too much, too intense, too richly chocolate imposition by about 200%. It tasted good like intense dessert. I made a lot, 3/4 cup oats, and a handful of chocolate buttons, but could eat only half.

It was almost so intense as "Concretes," confections on the menus next door at Burger-Fi. They do not describe them accurately so you have no good idea what they are. The young clerk recommend them enthusiastically so I tried one experimentally. It turn out to be all forms of chocolate at once stacked in a tall container; a thick gooey fudge style brownie as anchor, thud, ice cream, syrup, foam, sprinkles and the like, all chocolate, the invention of a child, actually, for other children, that's so cloying they rattle your teeth. They're a mess, with no outstanding individual element to redeem their indiscriminate collecting inferior elements this way, based on the single characteristics of being chocolate and being available.

The girl who recommended and joyfully assembled it kept passing by the table later where Joe and I sat one late night, asking each pass, "Do you like it?, do you like it?" As if seeking the point where the awesomeness of Chocolate Concrete blows my mind. And it did. I got through about 1/4 of it. So now I know what they are. I'll never do that again. By way of experimentation a success.

Now I'm thinking, "You know, if I would use a lot less chocolate in oatmeal next time this would be pretty good. Because even the oatmeal bar with chocolate coating idea is imagined with a very thin coat of unimposing unchallenging chocolate. But what I used is intense and I used way too much.

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