red kidney beans with onion and pork shoulder, polenta, egg

This is half of one of the slices of pork shoulder minced and fried in a pot that will cook the beans. Half a bag of frozen onions is added to the meat after it browns. The pot is deglazed with sake and that bit of wine completely changes the whole combination into something with much more depth and character. It is an extraordinary combination. You know, I honestly do not understand why a plate like this doesn't fill cafe menus across the land, it it such an impressively satisfying meal, the combination of flavors and interesting textures is excellent. 

The beans are kind of large. You don't get that many beans in a tin. I aways thought that was too much beans to eat, but it's not and it shows that dry beans are a much better value. Mum was not big on beans. We had baked beans from a tin and we had frozen lima beans with butter and that's pretty much it. Had I known beans can be this delicious, I'd have prepared them a lot more than I do and I'd give them the respect they deserve. This really is very good. And sake is the key. Sake and butter changes them into something spectacular. Then grits made from popcorn cannot be beat. They're altogether better than grits made with pre-milled corn. Either popcorn or dry and alkaline- treated corn for posole, both kernels work very well, in fact, dry beans work the exact same way and the result is as excellent, and that's another thing that I do not understand why it isn't a lot more popular, all that excellence just sitting there available but largely ignored. I never see anything about this milling kernels and dry beans in a coffee mill to use as polenta and even to use as a base and to flavor homemade crackers and bread. I've never seen a chef do anything like this in any of the cook challenges, yet here it is, and grinding them yourself on demand is better than than all the milled products available intended to make this easier and more convenient, while in fact, nothing can be more simple than adding milled grain and kernels and legumes to boiling water for a flavorful paste to be used various ways such as dips, pancakes, waffles, crackers, bread, breakfast grits, sexed up polenta, sweet bean fillings,   


Shelby said...

Do you grind the popcorn raw, or process it in some way first? Love your work either way.

Chip Ahoy said...

This is pesole, hominy, but popcorn kernels also works, and so do dry beans. Ground to dust in coffee bean mill.

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