rice and beans, hamburger and egg breakfast

The dots on the egg are ancho chile. Ancho is the ripened and dried version of green fresh poblano chile. 

I got mixed up with chipotle which is smoke and dried ripened jalapeño peppers. So now I have two containers of the much milder ancho chiles. Eh. Boo hoo, too bad for me.

The hamburger has a small amount of cooked oatmeal and crushed cheese and bacon chipotle sourdough breadsticks processed to breadcrumbs. They weren't that good as breadsticks. Too tough. So they've been replaced with the thinner and lighter more delicate version made with regular yeast.

The rice has scant sugar and rice vinegar. 

The beans have excellent applewood cured bacon, Sherry, garlic and tarragon and balsamic. 

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