Asian green beans

* Toast sesame seeds in hot dry pan. Stand there and watch them turn brown. Remove to a separate plate.
* Toast pecans (or almonds, whatever) in the same pan. Remove to another separate plate.
* Flavor oil with ginger and garlic in the same pan.
* Add cut beans and sufficient water to steam until tender.
* Add cut mushrooms and finally add cut bell pepper craisins and pecans.

Take care here not to cook the life out these tender vegetables. Try to aim to remove from the heat early. Things continue to cook a little bit off the heat.

* Spritz with juice of fresh lime and plate.
* Top with toasted sesame seeds

See? You have flavored oil and lime juice combined at different times -- BANG! -- a rather strong salad dressing right there. Green beans need all the help they can get. Here, with the sweet bell pepper, sweet/tart craisins, citric lime, the extraordinary combined umami of ginger and garlic you've got all the gustation your excited flavor sensors can handle in one meal. If you must kick it up a notch, and you would be insane if you had to, NTTAWWT, then I'd toss in a few chile pepper flakes. For me, this side dish is a meal, and if it's OK to say so myself it's absolutely delicious, and you can eat as much of it as your glutenous little heart desires all day long and still be within The Zone™, and South Beach™ phase 1, and Weight Watchers™ proscribed diets.

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