shrimp and grits

Saw this on Bobby Flay Throwdown and it looked pretty good -- and ya know what? -- it is. My version uses quick grits prepared with homemade chicken broth, sharp aged cheddar cheese, with garlic. The sauce is a brown roux with kombu/bonito dashi (traditional Japanese seafood stock), and fresh garlic. Shrimp dry rubbed with paprika, habanero, onion, S/P with random bits of uncured ham, which I tend to keep on hand in lieu of bacon. Chipotle in adobo for enhanced BANG! Tablespoons of heavy cream in both grits and sauce for smoooooooothnesss.

So you can see for yourself what a dietary disaster this is; corn, chicken schmaltz, butter, cream, and tortilla, but hey, if you're going to go wandering off the plantation you might as well go for it.

I can't wait for my stomach to stop swelling so I can have MOAR!


Ralph L said...

uncured ham, which I tend to keep on hand in lieu of bacon

I've reported you to the INS for un-American activities.

Chip Ahoy said...

Ha ha ha, go ahead. I'll give 'em some!

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