Heirloom tomatoes, green beans

If you see the odd heirloom tomatoes, don't hesitate to buy them. They're usually a little bit misshapen and possibly ugly but they make a fine salad all by themselves. No oil, no acid, nothing but sea salt.

You really must have fat in hamburgers or the patties fry up to tasteless chunks of something synthetic. If you buy that low fat stuff , or whatever over 85% that is presently so popular, you can add olive oil before forming patties. I suggest adding water as well.

That's right, water.

I made a mistake. I intended to mix 85% fat grass-fed ground beef with bison along with top quality chorizo in equal parts, but I was chatting it up with the butcher about the meat cutters competition segments on Letterman where the deli guys slice meat and estimate as closely as they can to a pound. The butcher I was talking to said he saw those segments too and agreed they're awesome. He said sometimes he can get pretty close too, but not always. He was making adjustments when I brought up the subject. All that unfocused nonsense caused me to forget to order the bison so, alas, my hamburgers are just ground beef and chorizo, which caused them to be ... delicious! I added crushed garlic, Lea and Perrins, habanero flakes, cumin, S/P, in conservative amounts. To my surprise there was no extra fat left in the pan after frying one which means I consumed it all.

Green beans steamed for as long as it took me to mess with that other stuff -- slicing the tomato, shaving the Parmigiano, digging out the olives, scooping condiments.

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