fake crab salad

I used homemade mayonnaise, and this time it was heated over a double boiler fashioned from a thin metal bowl and an ordinary pot. I used a regular whisk, just to see how much fun it would be.  Turns out to take longer than I imagined.  It kept looking like it was on the verge of breaking so I kept removing the bowl from the heat and continued whisking vigorously making sure to scrape the sides of the bowl.   

I didn't have enough vegetable oil so I used a combination of melted butter with olive oil and all the vegetable I had to bring the total amount to a measured cup. Lime juice only, whatever came out of one juicy lime, no vinegar this time.  Freshly grated ginger and garlic.  +Dijon style mustard, and S/P.  Had I thought of it, I might have added a little sugar, as it turns out, it is totally delicious without it.

It looks like a lot of shredded carrot in the salad but it's only one medium size carrot for two packages of fake crab meat and two stalks of celery, 1/4 medium size white onion, and a few black olives from a jar.  Yuk.  A jar. They're squishy.  Oh, almost forgot, bacon., because I have a package opened and I want to use it.

Served on a cut up tomato, with a small bunch of grapes.  This is proof you can make a delicious salad out of just about anything.  Normally I'd put pickle relish in the mixture but I left that out this time.  The salad is so delicious I want to go right back and get more, which I can do with impunity because it is so doggone healthful. 

You know what would be good in this? Cucumber. Apple. Orange pieces. Raisins. Pecans. I could just keep adding stuff so it never runs out and changes in composition over time. Canned tuna. More mayonnaise. Cubed ham. Basil. Mango. Mint. Grand Marnier. Jicama. Chiles. Curry. Broccoli. Sweet peas. Corn. Canteloupe. Hard-boiled eggs. Cranberries. Leeks. Fennel. Gummy bears. Ok, maybe not Gummy bears.  


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