100% of 100% of whole wheat cheese crackers

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whole wheat cheese crackers

whole wheat cheese crackers series

Three cups wheat seeds milled finely. Processed with 8 oz cheddar cheese (could have used more). Water added while processing until formed into a ball and pulled away from sides of processor, for these exceedingly dry seeds that turned out to be about 6 oz cold water. Plus a little more for relatively wet dough. Rolled out onto excessively floured work surface, scraps returned to processor, thus the dough became increasingly dry through a series of four batches.

Obviously these crackers are 100% whole wheat, no messing around, as commercial processors do, with separating out the components, the bran and the germ, then returning 100% of the components but not 100% of 100% of the components along with the addition of riboflavin, niacin, thiamin and iron but only a fraction of what was removed. See how they do? They
LIE! And it's legal!

So. The taste of this properly milled 100% of 100% whole wheat with all its pulverized components takes a bit of getting used to when you're raised on overly refined and partially enriched white flour. Even when you think you're doing good by buying what is advertised as 100% whole wheat, you're simply not, and that's a low-down dirty rotten stink'n shame. Here's the thing: wheat berries contain oil. Wheat berry oil goes rancid very quickly when exposed to air. This makes marketing, transporting, storing whole wheat flour something of a problem for manufacturers. If the whole wheat flour you faithfully buy commercially really is 100% of 100% whole wheat then you would see fat listed on the nutritional panel. Fat is not listed on the nutritional panel. Proof the consumer is being hornswoggled.

Your Honor, I rest mah dadgum case.

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