sweet potato with apple with streusel topping

sweet potato with Granny Smith Apple

This seemed like a good combination to try.

Food discs are blasé, très déclassé. I'm against them. Sweet potato roasted to three quarter doneness or thereabout before starting out. Granny Smith apple cut into chunks and held in acidulated water until ready. This has the benefit of imparting a trace lime flavor as well as keeping it from turning brown.

Streusel prepared with sourdough crust crumbs of which there is an abundance, rolled oatmeal, broken pecans, pinch of salt, and brown sugar, and of course butter. There was such a small amount that I just used the fingertip method to rub in the butter rather than processing mechanically. But there was more than enough for topping so I mixed in the surplus with the apple and sweet potato chunks.

Maple syrup mixed in with the sweet potato and apple before being topped with streusel mixture. Baked in countertop oven at 350℉ for 25 minutes. The apple was barely cooked, still rather crisp.

Conclusion: Sweet potato wasn't sweet enough to suit me. Should have put some brown sugar with the bottom mixture. Could have used a little more maple syrup. Cinnamon is probably a good idea. Even so, I kept on this until it was gone.

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