beef in a bun

beef slider

Ground beef.

"Could you be a little more specific, please?"

"Beg yer pardon?"

"Never mind."

Chuck roast, more expensive, yes, but LʘʘK ! Got it on sale -- 40% off. How could I refuse?

* does the Happy Save on Beef Dance * ← involves a cow costume.

These are delicious. I ate four in a row, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, gone. Just like that. I do not know what to call them, pyrizhskies, mantikos, stuffed buns, I do not know what, I think I'll just call them "Chip's Meat and Vegetable Self-encompassing sliders." Or something.

The idea, which came from my brother, is to pack a beef mixture of my own creative device into their own buns then bake them and see what happens. I also kind of liked the idea of steaming them, but brother James put the nix on that. A simple near-meat loaf minus a few essentials of meat loafiness. I imagined something close to a hamburger except heavy on vegetable ingredients. Held together with egg but not bread crumbs or crackers. Worcestershire but not catsup. A single type of red meat instead of a combination like real meat loaves. I forgot to include a cheese layer, an almost regrettable oversight. The dough utilized approximately 1/2 home-milled whole wheat flour, which I had on hand from the crackers down there ↓ and the other half refined white flour. Regular household quick-rising yeast. The whole wheat is milled much more finely than you usually see commercially, there are no flecks of bran to convince you it really is whole wheat loaded with fiber. It's surprising that way. Kneading it is virtually indistinguishable, by feel, from refined flour, and that's very strange. I always say, "This hamburger would be better if it was only on my own bread," and this gives proof to the axiom.

slider series 1

Meat mixture:

* ground chuck
* onion
* celery
* carrot
* frozen peas
* Worcestershire
* S/P


* warm water
* fast-rising yeast
* whole wheat flour
* refined white flour
* sea salt

slider series 2

Bake at 400℉ until brownie brown brown. (I watched for little bubbles to pop at the top hole indicating the inside was done. The second batch was even more adorable than these)


MamaM said...

Chip, how can you be so creative and not be ADD as heck? For me to make something that involved requires a major clean-up effort. Without adding the secondary challenge of pictures and commentary to the process. They look delicious.

jaed said...

Nom nom nom.

(Have you tried this sort of thing using biscuit dough? Also nom nom nom. I've only done that open-faced - a flattened circle of biscuit dough with ground beef and random cheese and sliced green onion on top - but I can't see why it wouldn't work in two layers.)

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