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I got nuth'n but joy and love in my heart for humanity and for all of nature. These are the balcony tomatoes pictured down there ↓ that weather forced to be picked before they had a chance to fully ripen My friends said to put the tomatoes in a paper bag to allow their own ethylene outgassing thus contained to work its magic, and jaed, in a comment here, said to leave on the stems (I wasn't able to hang them upside down). I did not believe this would work because the green tomatoes were like stones. Today I peeked, and I'm delighted to see I was wrong about that.

Oh bloody wow, that means I might be wrong about other things too.

Photography poop.

For this shot the bag was opened and placed on the kitchen floor, as you can see. The flash unit is on the counter behind me and aimed at the ceiling above the bag, so the ceiling is the reflector illuminating the inside of the bag. The flash on the camera activates the flash on the counter but does not contribute to the photograph directly. The camera flashes just before the shutter opens, although it appears to be simultaneous. I am standing in the way of the direct path of the reflected light off the ceiling because I'm standing over the open bag. That means the light must bounce off the walls too, and pour all around myself which it does quite admirably.

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