How to make toast:

Step 1.) Make bread.

Bread fortified with milk, cream, egg, and butter. I suppose you'd call it brioche.

Made the usual careless way. I wrote out the whole thing but then when I finished I read it and go, "This is boring as hell." So that's deleted. I guess I should say this bread is 1/4 WW flour, 3/4 AP flour. I made it to have ordinary bread around for sandwiches, toast, and such. I'm compelled to add, this is child's play -- easy as tossing a loaf of bread into a shopping cart.

Really. This commercial yeast style bread is fun. Like it's made for children or something, the way it magically puffs up so fast, and with a b---r---o---a---d margin for error.

I feel sorry for postmodernists who are stuck in the belief bread comes from the grocery, and hold that belief without ever questioning it. I can only vaguely recall the last time I bought bread in a package from a store. But I do recall standing there in front of a large array of bread varieties looking for something with whole grain in it trying to decide which one was misleading me the least. Now I KNOW what's in the bread I eat, when I bother with it.

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