pork and eggs

This is my new favorite thing, meat cut into chunks, seasoned, dusted with flour and quickly fried. I just love it. The thing is, I can keep it in the pan then keep returning to it and nibble on it like a little monkey. I'm lazy that way.

Today it's pork.

The bread I made myself. But even there I'm lazy. I'm a total slouch when it comes to making bread, although not so much a slouch as to use a bread machine. Now that's pathetic. Who wants a loaf of bread in the shape of a can? With an unsightly indentation on the bottom where the stirring arm was. Hahahahaha. That kills me in its lameness, when playing with dough is so fun.

I cut off the tops and bottoms of the bread slices to make sticks to poke in the eggs. Fried 'em in the same pan as the eggs in olive oil. Like elongated delicate croutons. They're delicious.

Used jumbo eggs because I think they're cool. I pretend they're dinosaur eggs. Archaeopteryx, to be exact. Hey, it's my pretend world, I'll make 'em be what I want.

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Looks yummy

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