lamb chunks

Leg of lamb in chunks, fried wid nut'n, 'cuz I'm a glut'in for mut'in.

No sauce, no gravy, no wine, no beer, no spice, no vegetable, no bread, no nut'in.

No, srsly. Frozen chunks of lamb dusted with flour S/P right there it its freezer bag, and then fried. That's it. I recall the joy that filled me last time I did this, then blew it by pressure cooking further under the misguided effort to tenderize the meat more than it already was. It doesn't need that. The result was worse.

I ate this whole pile in one continuous scarf, like a prehistoric cave-dweller that doesn't share. Mmmmm, singed animal.

Oh, NYC called and said, "Knock it off with the salt already!" As if.

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