hash browned potatoes, two fried eggs

hash brown potatoes,two fried eggs,

Oh, my God, my stomach is bulging out like Santa Clause.

A single Russet potato pealed and shredded in the Cuisinart, rinsed and spun like a salad. Fried in 50%/50% butter/olive oil on medium. Flipped like a pancake. And, Boy, is it ever good.

I have a new thing about frying eggs. Melt butter in a pan. Allow foam to settle. Crack open eggs into a ramekin then gently pour them into the heated buttered pan. Notice how the whites glob more thickly around the yolks? Goof that up while the whites are still wet. Using a knife or a fork, drag some of the thick whites into the area of the thin whites. Open up a space in the albumen immediately next to the yolk so that the pan is exposed through a tiny slot. It seals back with goopy white then cooks evenly. This technique assures slime-free whites while avoiding overcooked yolks.

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