pork tacos

The tacos make use of the pork chile made earlier. The filling can be anything at all, beef, chicken, fish, bison, elk, iguana, hummingbird, earthworms. Okay, possibly not those last three. These tacos do not contain cheese. If the taco shells were fried flatly instead of bent, which would be easier, then the result would be tostadas instead of tacos. There is something to be said for tostadas, they can be piled up impressively or kept simple with, say, a smear of refrito, whereas tacos are limited by what can be fit between the two sides. Plus crispy tacos tend to split, spilling their contents. 

It is not necessary to make taco shells, of course, but then some manufacturer gets to have all the fun of making them. The tortillas needn't be crispy shells either, for that matter, simple floppy tortillas will do as well, either corn tortillas or flour tortillas, crispy or soft. It's all good. So given that, the following steps shown below can all be skipped. I'm only doing it because I want to. 

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