broiled ham sandwich with fondu wine/cheese sauce, homemade brioche

Restaurants use a salamander, a toaster oven for this, home cooks without toaster ovens with their broad flat footprint taking valuable counter space use their broiler appliance on their regular oven instead. An oven broiler is a second heating element on the roof of the oven chamber, turned on by cranking the oven past its highest setting. Broiler usually has only on/off. 

Why salamander? 

Mythologically, a salamander is a lizard creature that can endure fire, a spirit living in fire. Very long ago, it meant a red-hot poker.

The sauce is a light roux cooked thoroughly but not darkened, spiced up with extras including cayenne, not tame paprika, then turned into thick sludge with regular Rhine wine and extended with milk, brought to full boil and removed from heat and cheesed up, all melted with residual heat using regular sliced sandwich meltable cheese.

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