mussels in white wine, cornbread

The cornbread yesterday was so successful, delicious, and easy, it was whipped out again tonight instead of regular white bread

This is the only white wine I could find around here. I have no idea where it came from, if it is good or not. I smelled it but it did not smell good to me, but wine never does. It changes when it cooks with butter and that is all I care about. 

These are the best mussels I've tasted. From Tony's market. They are frustratingly small, they always are, but these are the sweetest I've ever had. I thought, "Where did the sugar come from?" I didn't add anything sweet but they taste as if I did add sugar, while the wine smelled to me like vinegar. This is only half the mussels.

The fish counter guy was flustered. We customers ganged up on him. No fair. He left the price off the bag of mussels, odd that, caused a problem at checkout. Then at home, a package of chicken breasts was labeled and priced as mussels with a label stuck fast underneath it. Their chicken breasts are expensive so I don't know if I was gypped or not. It (along with the duck leg underpricing incident) shows they do make mistakes. Today a cash card was refused. Came home to check what the problem is and the account has over $2,000.00 in it. Somehow they swiped or inquired in error. 

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