tuna salad with cornbread

The idea arose from hushpuppies with tuna salad in them.

And then I thought, why have the cornmeal on the outside and deep-fried, why not on the inside as cornbread instead?

Cornbread is 50% cornmeal and 50% regular wheat flour. Plus water or milk, plus egg, plus baking powder, plus salt. That's it. This has sugar and ginger and butter. This is more like a cake, minus vanilla.

This cornbread is far less granular than most because I used my ground substance like beans and corn, milled to powder and cooked to polenta-knowledge and applied it cornbread. That is, the cornmeal portion is cooked, microwaved in 30 second pulses until it fully absorbs water and boils, and calls for more water to loosen. Butter and ice cubes are tossed in for the remaining liquid portion to cool down the sludge-like corn polenta. The flour portion is added along with baking powder, which will not activate immediately because the mixture is cooled. Clever, eh?

Right at this moment a noise outside. I check it out. Four people laying about in the hallway waiting for the neighbor's door to be opened. Oddly, the neighbor among those waiting. 
"Would you like a beer while you're waiting?"
"I like your style."
It is not my style. It is someone else's style. I borrowed someone else's style. New friends on the spot. Never underestimate the power of beer. I passed around Newcastle ales right as this cornbread is taken from the oven. I plated a piece, their door was finally opened somehow by some unseen agent, and off they went.

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