Fresno chile avocado reypenear cheese omelet

All of the jalapeño seeds from grocery store jalapeño peppers failed to germinate. My theory is, being green, their seeds are not fully developed. These are Fresno chiles, similar to jalapeño, thinner walled than jalapeño, less flavorful when rippened to red but slightly hotter than when green.

If you think $19.00 a LB is a lot for cheese, it is. But think of all the milk that went into it. It takes about seventeen LBS of milk for one pound of cheese, thereabouts, for harder aged cheese, much less for fresh cheese. 

The thing is, the whole idea comes from old times when milk was plenty then suddenly stopped. Then was plenty again. Without refrigeration and ability to freeze things, various methods are tried to preserve it, to condense it perhaps later to reconstitute it, to salt it to protect from bacteria, to combine it with things that alter it enabling milk to be preserved in block form.

The things that cheese makers did with problem solving is simply extraordinary. The first bite of this cheese tells you that you are having something different than what you are used to. 

If the cost puts you off, I strongly suggest try making cheese some day. Look in a book or online and see how it is done. Right off you will be distressed with the small amount of milk solid is left, how much whey must find some other use. Then you think, let's do it again and automatically come up with ricotta on your own, and still there is more liquid whey than there is solid. And you see right away how much milk it is going to take just to save some, and be bummed out by that, looking at things from a milk-preservation pov. 

And the cheese you produce is so simple and plain. The artistry involved in what it will take to get from where you are at your stove top at home and where they are with their advanced craft is an insurmountable chasm and the flavor bloom that occurs in your mouth upon that first taste makes the cost seem more like a bargain.

I recommend this cheese. Bite the bullet and allow yourself to be amazed.

The guy smashed my avocado to bits, I'm blaming him although it could have been me, and I expected it to be darkened and bruised, but it wasn't.

You can plant those tomato seeds and they will grow in a few days. Gar ron teed. 

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