Mozaic Restaurant, Palmer Lake, Castle Rock and environs

The Mozaic restaurant is south of Palmer Lake between Castle Rock and Monument Colorado, then just beyond that farther south the USAF Academy tucked into the foothills and then Colorado Springs. In the opposite direction, north of Palmer Lake the area of Perry Park just north of Larkspur before Castle Rock is of particular interest. We drove this way a couple times and turned a sharp left into a developed area, through it and behind it, traveled a way back up there tending north, then out of it, out of the foothills and back onto the highway for an ordinary return. Rather than the full-on uniquely Colorado experience of returning via Santa Fe Drive, at one point the road we were on would become Santa Fe Drive and we would be at that point fairly evenly between them.

On return when we allowed that bit of aimless wandering with no concern for getting home fast, the most remarkable views open up in series, even when the air is dead winter cold and the sky is grayed out unusually and the clouds form so low that we're in them. Finally sufficiently dense to form droplets hitting the windshield. An unusual day for the area with unusual light and muted color and wetness all through the air.

I should mention having passed Palmer Lake that it appears that Palmer Lake has been drained. We saw very large excavation equipment all around and the sloping sides apparently terraced.

At this point south of Palmer Lake, having tuned off the main road and up the curving drive, at the point of entering Mozaic parking lot, were you to look around, you'd see this:

The buffet is in the shape of a "U" around the pillar. I am not showing the other side. In fact, I didn't even examine the other side very well, there were several chafing dishes I didn't even examine. One was open with things that I like, bison flank and some kind of short rib. Mashed potatoes. Maybe I intended to check it out later but became perfectly satisfied with my two little plates.

I mean, come on, you don't have to eat everything all the time. 

It was a very slow day. I felt a bit sorry for the staff who must get all worked up 100% no matter what. There is a Bronco game playing today and we think that kept people away.

But the same thing prevails at a slow-getting-started buffet as occurs at busy buffets, the moment you bust your move to get up and make a selection the entire table that was goofing around previously is suddenly at your side eager for you to move on. "Would you like maple syrup?  Would you like strawberry syrup? Would you like blueberry syrup? Would you like honey syrup?"  They were asking the boy what he wanted.

So I asked the little boy with his parent right there,

"Would you like  hot sauce?" 

Youngsters all over the place.

Water is pouring over the glass.

The guy kneeling is the omelet making guy. The baby caught his finger in their wooden chair and was pinched but it sounded like he was caught in a bear trap.

Dessert table.

Pumpkin pie, crème brûlée, dark chocolate couverture strawberry. The perfect dessert.

Leaving now.

Imagine a garden so splendid that your little home is the gnome-decoration in it and once you're inside it your little home is palatial.

It goes on like this, and on and on and on. Outrageous monumental formations all over the place and now people are building their homes among them. I saw a lot of signs for lots for sale. There are many more photos of homes among these formations.

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