salmon with shrimp scampi and aerogarden herbs on iceberg

I like slabs of iceberg lettuce. 

After all that I forgot the broccoli. 

The broccoli is steamed in butter and white wine that comes in a box. 

It is a lot of butter and a lot of wine just to steam broccoli. The excess is drained into the pot that cooked the angel hair spaghetti to become the shrimp scampi sauce. The shrimp is cut into small pieces. Aerogarden trimmings, basil and sage because those two needed trimming. Plus lime, so that is a dressing right there. It drips down onto the iceberg lettuce and dresses that too. The iceberg stays sturdy and gives a very nice crunch. 

What you have here is a landscape inspired by the monolith outcroppings at Larkspur. Stratifications with patches of vegetation, the broccoli an important layer, but I forgot about that and there goes my whole landscape.

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