tamale sauce from dried red chile peppers

Here are a variety of chile peppers from a local grocery store. The large ones are mild. I would prefer a bit of heat so Arbole chiles are included. They are not terribly hot but they do push out the flavor profile. 

The chiles are broken open over the sink so the seeds pour out. In batches, the chiles are heated for mere seconds in a hot pan weighted with another pan to flatten them against the heated surface. They puff smoke and singe black very rapidly. They soften and turn somewhat leathery. More seeds are removed and water added to the pot to cover and soften the chiles.

Garlic, salt and cumin are added for flavors. That's it.

But I wanted a touch of sweet and sour included with this batch, so, one tablespoon sugar and 2 tablespoons light rice vinegar. 

The chiles are cooled and blended with some of the boiling water. 

I started to use the regular blender in batches, then realized the emersion blender works much better and I can do it all at once right there in the pot, so I dumped it back in and used the emersion blender instead. It does work very well.

The blended mixture is strained so the result will be silky-smooth. 

This batch took three strainers full. 

Truly delicious. No tomato. I just now used this sauce on leftover individual meatloaf made yesterday and the taste is lingering in my mouth. It is a wonderful flavor. I do recommend a variety of chiles I do recommend a bit of heat and the sugar/vinegar addition is quite nice. Awesome-sauce, better than catsup, it  lasts a long time refrigerated. 

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