pan perdu

Pour vous, Boo-Boo

It's an idea for stale bread. Fresh bread doesn't work as well.

If the bread is really stale then it soaks up the egg/milk/sugar/cinnamon portion like a sponge to the extent that it cannot be lifted from the soaking dish and placed into a pan without falling apart. It must be pushed into the pan sideways from the plate that held the soaking liquid. It will puff when it cooks and the bread literally dissolve inside the set egg. You'll be all, "What? What? Where did the bread go?" It's lost. 

If the bread is halfway stale then the soaked bread can be lifted and it doesn't entirely disappear when cooked. 

If the bread is fresh then it simply coats with egg mixture. None goes inside like a sponge. It still works, but not nearly as well.

Have you noticed how French have so many great ideas for stale bread? 

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