swordfish, spiral cut daikon, iceberg lettuce, red bell pepper, sweet corn on the cob, oil/vinegar vinaigrette

A fist feet for a king.

I meant to say "feast fit" just now.

This is one of those pre-cut frozen pieces of fish that you see in the freezer section. I went for the tuna and saw something else besides and I go, "Wooooah, what? Swordfish!" Didn't even have to think about it, just tossed one in the basket. 

And that forced me to remember Toni when she went on Weight Watchers and tried so diligently to change her wonton ways. Born and raised in Denver she was not used to seafood. Didn't have much of it. Didn't care for the bones, and you'd think just one little piece of grilled swordfish was some kind of major bizarre experiment. I'm glad they make these things available so conveniently. They fry up in mere minutes. You can watch the cooking progress up the sides and flip it before the cooking reaches halfway up and take it off the second side even sooner.  

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