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I was reading something political and the guy goes, "Look, it's like making cookies. You know that cookies are butter and sugar and egg and flour and if you leave one of those things out then your cookies will not come out right. Same thing here. If you leave out an essential element then the [political thing] will not work properly. Something will be wrong." 

And I go, "Ummmm, cookies."

No wait. It wasn't political. It was how to setup a planted aquarium in the style of Takashi Amano. 

This doesn't have a recipe. 

And then again it has the recipes of all the cookies that ever were baked throughout history. These cookies stand on the shoulders of cookie giants.

All it has are those essential things plus the things that I like.

You cream sugar into butter. I used half a stick of butter and that same amount of peanut butter. I used half a cup of white sugar and half a cup of brown sugar. 

I used 2 large eggs because I like eggy things.

I used salt because oatmeal and flour always need salt.

I added vanilla extract because I like it.

I added cinnamon, allspice and ginger powders because I like those things.

I added gigantic raisins and broken pieces of pecan.

I added as much oatmeal as my heart desired.

I added baking soda to keep the cookies somewhat soft. 

I added flour until the dough stiffened. 

Voila! The raw dough tasted excellent. All my favorite things. 

You know what? I could have added the remnant cornflake bits that I saved, for delightful internal crunch. That would have been great. I'll try to remember that next time. 

I'll take these down tomorrow to the ladies and they'll go, "Ooooh, Chip these are delicious." 

And I'll go, "I know, right?" 

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