Half of this is sponge that's fermented for six days in the refrigerator. That's a long time and produces bread that is overly sour and with flour that's exhausted. The sponge was used to inoculate fresh dough that comprises the other half. So it's flavor is diluted by 100%. 

Or maybe it is it diluted by 50%.

It depends on how you look at it. Either the original sponge is diluted with fresh dough, or the combined dough is diluted.

I have no idea how it tastes. I was actually not completely ready for this but here it is. I just now realized I forgot to add salt as I have forgotten a million times already. So each separate piece will need to be salted. The butter I put on each slice is not salted either. And bread without salt is just awful. The same amount of 50/50 dough is now the new sponge fermenting in the refrigerator, so the next loaf will be 50/50 as well. It's the new plan I just now made up because I'm tired of the skin texture of 100% sourdough aged for three days. The skin on the formed loaf is insufficiently elastic. By my careless ways it's all hit and miss. Just like the California gold rush 49er sourdough dudes. *Dr McCoy voice* Damnit, Jim, I'm a gold miner not a baker! 

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