buffalo prime rib, Buckhorn Exchange

This cost a million dollars. 

Possibly $43.00. I don't know. I didn't pay for it. My brother did. It was worth a million dollars to me so that's what I said.

This is what I saw from where I sat at Buckhorn Exchange, Denver.

Golden eagle. 
Looks like a crow from underneath, hanging like that from the ceiling.

I have to admit it's macabre. This is the stuff that nightmares are made. And so close to Halloween. Honestly, sitting there eating a steak from one of these animals is enough to turn one vegetarian. I can see how that happens.

It was Alona's desire to come here again. I think part of that might have been to show her two boys. We spent a long weekend together spanning Thursday to Monday and we ate at a lot of places and this one was best.

And we knew the whole thing came to a beautiful and peaceful soft landing, a very long car trip back and forth through Nebraska, and several tiring activities, including a wedding, when to the left of me in the restaurant booth and to the right of me, my dinner buddies, two little boys stretched out their bodies and slept.

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