Instant Pot, beef bone broth

My usual nearest grocery store had poor bone selection. I bought all their bones, and they had too much meat on them. I didn't want the meat. I wanted the marrow inside the bones. Eh, what the heck. We make due with what is available. However, this will will not be the bone marrow broth desired.

The pressure cooking went for four hours and the result was unsatisfactory. The meat is awful, still tough and fibrous like sliced bundled dental floss, the broth is miserable, unctuous, greasy, and one-dimensionial. Insufficient seasoning, weak flavor, insufficient body.

So it was cooked further with two onions added, split in half, and an entire head of garlic with each clove smashed open and five bay leaves. If I had carrots and celery on hand then I'd have added them too. Four more hours at high pressure and the result is just satisfactory. When chilled, its layer of fat will be removed and the resulting broth used for anything.

I don't know about all the meat. It's flavorless. Its flavor given up to the broth. But it's been tenderized and it is salvageable with a lot of additional flavors like onion and more garlic and chiles, tomato paste, and with herbs.

The process is fairly straightforward. Season and roast all the meat to cook it and remove the meat from the bones, then roast the bones further. To get at the marrow. Some cooks regard roasting unnecessary and put everything straight into the pot.

Four hours later. This is a test bowl. The broth pictured above is awful. It's greasy with scant depth. The meat even worse, tough and stringy.  

That makes this the halfway point. Onions and garlic and bay leaves are added to round out the favor. Carrots and celery are needed but I don't have those. 

Four hours more of high pressure, the meat and bones and onions and garlic and bay are strained, the liquid strained again with a finer sieve and put into a tall cylindrical container for the fat to chill at the top for easy removal. Underneath the layer of fat will be gelatin-like aspic. That is the bone marrow desired, and below that will be watery broth. If it were mostly bones then the whole thing would be gelatin. That is the salubrious healthy portion that we are after.

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