French onion soup

You need three very slow things. Other than that it goes very quickly and simply.

You can buy a baguette and you can buy prepared beef stock, but I don't know how you can speed up browning onions. That takes a good while, and speeding it up doesn't work.

This bread dough is started the night before with 

* 1 + 1/2 cup water 
* 2 + 1/2 cups flour. 
* 1/4 teaspoon dry yeast
* 1 + 1/2 teaspoon kosher flake salt.

I thought it would take 3 cups of flour to  1 + 1/2 cup water for 100% hydration, but it pulled together before the last 1/2 cup of flour . And the result the next day was still a bit stiff. It could have been less flour for wetter dough, and that would have been better, but then the the dough would be harder to handle. While it would have expanded more like a balloon in the hot oven inside its clay cloche 

The dough was not kneaded. Time overnight and slow rise and fermentation overnight did that. But it wouldn't have hurt.

See? I used all the onions except for this yellow one. The other thing is a garlic bulb.

The onions are started when the bread is done baking.

The bread is baked hot as the oven goes. We live in the danger zone.

Bread slices are broiled

Beef broth is added to the caramelized onions. 

Japanese flavor ingredients are added to the beef broth to expand the flavor profile and the depth. 

* 1 teaspoon Asian fish sauce
* 1/2 teaspoon toasted sesame seed oil
* 2 teaspoons mirin
* 2 teaspoon sake
* 2 teaspoons soy sauce

Back under the broiler element to melt and toast the cheese.

Voila! Par excellence. I am so pleased with myself smooch, smooch, smooch. I kiss the back of my hands. 


Bad Lieutenant said...

Was that enough cheese?

Miss you at Althouse.

Could you do a tri tip? And pork tenderloin? Need ideas.

Hope all is well.

Chip Ahoy said...

Yeah, it looks kind of lame, doesn't it.

As I recall, it sure was gooey. And I love the way it clumps and strings. I was thinking how much cheese I wanted to eat that day.

Maybe I'll do a lot more cheese next time.

The thing is, I am thrilled with discovering the beef broth from bones by roasting and very long high pressure. It's the best I've ever tasted. And I cannot wait to get more bones and do it again.

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