char, green beans

Hairy Corvair. I meant to say haricot vert which is the same thing, and I mean the exact same thing as green beans, 'cept about $2.00 more a pound. 

This cooked so fast I cannot believe it. In fact, I bet it could go another, oh, 15 seconds. 

There are two glorious slabs, filets, if they were put back together it would equal a fish, and it just occurred to me, the thought of them coming from two different fish suddenly seems obscene. 

The guy there said his girlfriend likes salmon but he does not so this char is their compromise species to eat. I actually didn't intend to buy anything there but he talked to me so enthusiastically and so long I'd have wasted his time and discouraged such exuberance had I not. That was part of it.

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