flavored masa patty with fried egg

I invented this tonight, the masa base with favorite things added right in it. It is likely already invented and that would be due to the idea being so obvious.

Think of it as polenta.  

But better than regular polenta that is made with cornmeal because this cornmeal has been treated with alkali and that is what makes niacin available and that is also the thing that imparts the South American Indian distinctive aroma and flavor. Diets heavily reliant on maize for their cornmeal that had not undergone alkali treatment, potash was common early on, suffered inordinate cases of pellagra as occurred in the American South and parts of Europe. 

They took up the maize but they did not take the potash treatment necessary just as they took the vanilla orchids without taking the specific bees necessary to pollinate them so their spines curved from untreated corn meal and their vanilla crops failed until these problems were sorted. 

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