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The lights are turned down so the foam that is caused by baking soda can be seen. To estimate how much baking soda will be needed to foam up 1/2 a cup of yogurt thinned with milk. 

Gosh, it's very reactive.

This is a different pan. 

Sugar is shaken across the flat bottom of a pan and left alone over heat to brown. Without bothering it, when the desired color is attained, that will be up to you, then the pan is removed from the heat and butter is added, water, cream in this case, and any alcohol, vanilla, what have you, nuts and so forth. 

This was not flambéed although it could have been. That's for showing off. 

We used to melt packets of sugar onto hotel hot plates intended for coffee, I think, in a hotel room when we were kids. We weren't bad kids, just bored out of our minds and there it was. We noticed the hardness stages of sugar on our own and learned how to control it. We made what we considered tasty semi-burned candy.

*whispers* sometimes i have an uneasy sense that a woman is haunting me and i can't quite put my finger on it. 

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