chicken soup

There once was a restaurant  in Denver called Mama Elena's that was located on the North side of East Colfax in a small place that drew a lot of attention somehow. They served simple Mexican style dinners but they were not ordinary. Most meals started out with a clear chicken broth with a flavor so authentic it blew you away that something so simple can be that amazing. And sitting on the bottom would be a single slice of avocado and small piece of tomato and I think that was just about it, maybe a single leaf of cilantro. Rather Japanese in presentation, actually.

I naturally tend to emulate that, and hold it in mind as model.

Except different. On account of being a growing man and everything. 

I mean, come on, really? A single leaf, really? That's all well and good for artistic purposes if you're dilly dallying with delicate touches but Homey don't play dat. 


Mine turn out differently.

But where did the chicken come from? 

It was roasted earlier. You can get out of that by buying them already roasted. They're always quite good too. The ones I've had were.

But why is your broth so dark?

It uses the fat and the gunk and the doubly-roasted bones of the carcass, it has the liver and gizzard, and heart. It is also darkened with coriander powder and cumin that was started in the fat. It's quite rich with melted aspic.

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