start bread

We baker-types tend to start buckets of dough one day without actually having a clear idea as to exactly what form it will take the next day or the next. I'm certain it's not just me, I must have picked that up from somewhere. 

The idea right now is for a simple baguette or batons that will fit on my tray. But there is way too much dough here for that so I may be thinking about giving them away, just packing them up and taking a hike. 

Then I'll have to remember to take butter along too or maybe some cheese.

Who knows, it could end up being pretzels or pizza.

Or dinner rolls.

I did use the machine this time, what the heck, but now I have to clean it.

That is the lid for the mixer. Cannot bear foregoing the savings of one square foot of cling film when a lid that will fit is sitting right there. I think of all those cling filmless huts in Africa visible through Google Earth and it makes me want to not waste it.

I was supposed to say, the bread dough is begun with every disadvantage imaginable to slow it down. I'm in no hurry to get around to it. So, cold water, cool air, full salt, very low amount of yeast to begin. Take THAT and see what happens in another twelve hours or so. 

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