chicken thigh

A family pack of chicken thighs was roasted and this one thigh did not fit on the baking tray. 

The skin pieces were extra portions flapping around. It's the sort of thing that's generally tossed but I like it. A lot. It was always my favorite thing about chicken and then everybody went around saying it's bad for you due to its high fat content, and I'm all, "so?"

They say that like it's a bad thing.

This is a pan that had bacon fat already in it. There was about three tablespoons. So a lot. I didn't have the heart to throw it out because I can use that stuff for tortillas and potatoes and such, and now it has chicken fat mixed in it too. 

The beans are cooked in this bacon fat and chicken fat both combined, and I wanted them cooked to soft texture. I'm tired of crunchy vegetables all the time so I added water to the oil at the end and covered the pan to really steam it up in there and torture them harshly, and the flavor of the resulting fat-laden sauce mixed with the faint flour coating with its strong flavors and the char on the beans from the abusive heat and oil then being cooked so unfaithfully long and hard resulted in the most flavorful pleasant-to-eat green beans I have ever tasted.  But if I served these to you, then you would think I am the worst most careless cook out there on account of them being so ugly. Oh, I forgot, balsamic too.

But how do I get the single mushroom to be so deliciously photogenic? It's in and out of the pan in seconds. Just long enough to coat the pieces with all that oily flavorful goodness. 

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