pork chop, green beans with tomatoes

I am temporarily out of bacon and there is no ham hock around here right now and I want to cook swiss chard with beans to repeat the success I had before by adding a bit of sugar. And I want to have beans and Swiss chard around because it is so great. I want to try that again. 

I do have bacon fat. So there's that. 

These pork chops were cooked in a tall pressure pot without the lid so the fond they leave behind inside the pot can be used right after for white beans and Swiss chard, to compensate for present ham hock shortcomings. Even the bone chunks and bits of trimming of this pork chop on the plate are returned to the pot for maximum flavor extraction. Yeah. That's right. It's how we pauper-types get by.

Green beans are seared without mercy in generous butter, salt, pepper, chile flakes, and doused with white wine from a box right at the point where the butter turns brown and nutty, and that right there is a sauce. 

Each little piece of pork cut away from the bone and from the rest of the pork t-bone steak and stabbed with a fork is smashed into the liquid all around on the plate, the pork fibers spread apart and sop up to capture seasoned butter and wine like a mop.

Plus there is another pork chop for the white beans and Swiss chard. 

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