white beans with Swiss chard

White beans are pressure cooked in 12 to 15  minute increments until softened. The white beans are slightly larger than last time and they take three times longer to cook than last time. That is the difference between beans.

The pot is messed with the fond from frying two pork chops. The bean-water has one of the pork chops, plus the bones of the other. plus bay leaf, salt and pepper.

Now currants (or raisins) are added for their sweetness, their texture and to have little black dots. Sliced onion and thinly sliced garlic are added. 

The pork chops have no smoke as ham hocks would and as bacon would. That shortcoming is compensated for with this liquid smoke. I've never used liquid smoke before.

Sugar and balsamic vinegar, now there is a sweet/sour thing going on, but not too sweet, and not too sour.

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