broiled ham and cheese sandwich, sourdough bread

Croque monsieur, translates to "Mr. Crunchy." 

Sourdough bread follows.

The starter is volunteer carried on the flour. This is the first time that it foamed and separated overnight. That encouraged me that the culture would be fast. 

But I was wrong. It's actually rather slow and it does not do very well at room temperature, not nearly so well as my other cultures. 

Eventually it foamed with the help of 100W incandescent light.

The dough was built up in slow increments over a period of three days. 

The final increment is fresh water and fresh flour. Gluten connection did form well but that largely broke down so the dough behaves very differently. It tends to break rather than stretch. It's uncooperative dough and it feels very different at hand, more like clay than live bread dough.

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