cornbread from popcorn with bacon and jalapeño

Why do this with kernels? 

Because I bought a sack of cornmeal and there is no comparison. The commercially milled corn is blah and this milled popcorn is bright and happy and new a fresh. It's like the cornmeal oxidizes or something. I even kept it frozen but it simply does not compare. Plus this is fun. And the kernels are multipurpose. 

3/4 cup milled in coffee mill in 1/4 cup increments

9/4 cup water, 2 +1/4 cup turned out to be a little too much.

Meanwhile, bacon.

Acid added to milk thickens it immediately. 1 teaspoon citric acid was used for 2 teaspoons of baking soda (added later).

The thickened milk is reserved for the very end because it bubbles immediately. 

One small egg seemed not enough so another was added.

Sugar because I like sweet cornbread.

Flour to smooth the mixture and behave as glue.

Baking powder plus acid = volcano

The acidified thickened milk is added then boom, foam.

I prepared more than I wanted to use so the extra was waffled. 

Here's where I realized that I forgot the cheese! Oh well. It's very good anyway.

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