The dough is 20% semolina flour to toughen it up. This is the opposite of hamburger bun dough that is 1/3 potato to soften them. This is pizza dough. 

The dough can be bought at the grocery store or from a pizzeria. But I do not understand dough-making aversion. It's easy and it's fun and therapeutic. You can feel it change in your hands and that's satisfying.

BBQ pork and hot roasted Hatch chiles.

My onions are more burnt than caramelized but they're still sweet and very good.

Sliced mozzarella minced mustard chicken thigh and roasted red bell pepper.

I should not have cut such deep slits in the dough. This was an error. The log expanded in the oven and tore through the slashes causing a side to break away and cheese to ooze out onto the pan.

I don't have marinara sauce, nor tinned tomatoes in a small size, nor tomato paste, nor sun dried tomatoes. I do have a large tin of imported tomatoes but I don't want to open it for this so I'm using this tomato and roasted red pepper soup instead and it is a satisfying substitution. I could jazz it up with Worcestershire, brown sugar, vinegar, ginger, mustard and the like but I don't care to.

I forgot to rub the log with oil and I forgot to include leaf basil but that hardly mattered. I like this oversized hot sandwich a lot.

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