Mexican style shrimp cocktail

Coctel de Camarones Mexicano. I love this stuff.

Usually it's presented more elegantly in a glass goblet and with whole shrimp and avocado adorning the top, often with lemon slice and cilantro sprigs, but for myself I toss it all into a bowl as salsa. I just now ate a whole breakfast bowl size full and I can easily eat another immediately.

The British and American version of this is a longstanding joke. There is no real comparison with this. That they share the same name is a travesty. In that iteration the whole thing resides in the sauce and that sauce is merely catsup and horseradish. We call it the red menace.

This is different. It is a whole magnitude of order improvement. This is very good.

Recommended. Try it. You'll love it too.

I bought these vegetables several days ago and had to use them before they were wasted. They should have been used when perfectly fresh.

A good deal of shrimp flavor is in the shells and it's a real shame to waste it.

I thought I had several limes but there was only one in the refrigerator. That shortcoming is compensated with oranges, the zest of both lime and orange and with citric acid in powder form.

Below is the clam juice imbued with the shrimp carapace. 

Pineapple is not standard. It is compensating for shortage of tomato and lime.

The avocado is beyond its prime. I wish I had two. 

There are a lot of genuine anticilantroites out there. In that case substitute basil. Be generous. The aromatic contributes significantly.

I think that I could eat this everyday. 

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