scrambled eggs, avocado, tomato, olives and meatballs

Ground beef
grated onion
grated garlic
grated Parmesan cheese
tomato sauce
Worcestershire sauce
curry powder
finely cut basil leaves.

I should have added breadcrumbs to absorb all the stuff that leaked out.

Baked at 350℉ for ten minutes.

Three eggs are scrambled as a partially failed sauce. That is, stirred and scraped continuously over moderate heat, lifted off the burner more than on the burner until a generous chunk of cold butter melts and light curds are allowed to form. Then, cold sour cream is whipped in off the heat to arrest the cooking and the scrambled eggs have been thickened without drying by overcooking. They are very wet and they can be poured over toasted English muffin or over toasted sourdough bread, or a muffin. 

The eggs are beautiful and silky and sexy. I mean it. Do this and your date will go, "Hey, what's with you anyway? Are you a chef or what? Who even does this?" Chefs do, that's who.

If you ordered this in a restaurant they'd charge you $15.00 for its singularity. They'd figure they have the market cornered. And they would. Because where are you going to get this? Amuse-bouche curried meatballs? Come on!

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