cabbage with bacon and onion, pecans and raisins, homemade cranberry sauce

The idea is to make cabbage taste like something else entirely. Because cabbage is basically gross. For me that means sweet/sour/heat, plus anything else that strikes your fancy, anything else you have on hand. I wish I had apple. 

* onion sweated
* half a small cabbage
* fennel seeds

* brown sugar
* apple cider vinegar
* cayenne pepper
* sat

* bacon
* pecans
* raisins

Cranberries have a lot of pectin. They have four little air sacks inside and with a little water they pop when they cook. An emersion blender can smooth them but I left them rough and I left a few un-popped. The mixture thickens as it heats and solidifies when it cools. They're fun to cook because they're active and they change visibly right there. 

* packaged cranberries 
* water
* brown sugar
* ginger
* cayenne
* cinnamon
* scant clove

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