chicken thigh teriyaki fail

Teriyaki sauce is simple equal parts soy sauce and mirin, another saki product that is sweet.

The thing with mirin, though, is that it comes in different forms like wine does, dry and sweet. The sweet kind is best, but how's a Westerner to know? Buy experimenting, that's how. Be willing to add sugar if you end up with the dry kind. 

You can also flavor teriyaki however you wish, with chile, garlic, or ginger, honey, etc. Obviously it comes prepared in various flavors. But honestly, it couldn't be simpler. 

Mine is major fail.

Not just regular fail.

I burned the H-E-double chopsticks out of this. 

I prefer my chicken overcooked.

Did I just now say prefer? I meant to day demand. 

So after browning stovetop for crispy skin, I burned that too, then the whole pan with the sauce went into the oven. I took up a Photoshop project and lost track of time. My sweet sauce was burned black. The sauce actually carbonized on the chicken. Sweet, sweet carbon. The sweetest carbon ever!

The thighs are delicious but my teriyaki failed miserably. 

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