green chili, tortilas

But the chili is red.


Green refers to the color of chile used, which is hot green Hatch. 

There are also two regular size tins of roasted tomatoes. 

Roasted chiles and roasted tomatoes, so the faint flavor of singed vegetables.

This is easy to make. 

Much easier than in the past. I don't know why I imagined I needed to use a large roast and produce a large pot of it, chop up vegetables for an hour and make it a whole day endeavor. It's not necessary.

A small pork roast is cut into pieces and browned in a large pan then transferred to a pot with water.

Then onion are garlic are softened in the same pan, the moisture partially deglazing it. Water from the other pot is added to deglaze completely, and the color picked up and returned to the pot, and this largely determines the depth of darkness of the chili. Spices and herbs are added, they add a bit of color as well. Then near the end tins of tomato are added just to heat through and that turns the whole thing red.  Boom. Done. Just like that.

Pork cooks quickly compared with beef. Some cooks remove the pork and shred it with two forks before adding other ingredients. 

A lot of people like tomatillos and posole, sometimes corn. Other things can go into this too like potato and carrots. It can be thickened with masa powder for a very good Old World flavor.

Oh! I added one bottle of beer along the way. A dark ale. 

It's very good. And it can be eaten several ways. I can have this with eggs if I want to. I can use it fill or to smother a burrito, I can use it for nachos. I can even make ravioli with this, or use it top a pizza. I can use this chili as sauce for vegetables. I can pour it over rice or with noodles. Just because it's Mexican doesn't restrict me to Mexican dishes. I can eat it with potato chips if I like. Possibilities are endless because it has in it the things that I like.


vza said...

Looks delicious. I like to add a tablespoon of masa harina to my chili. What kind of pork roast did you use, Chip?

Chip Ahoy said...

vsa, the package says, "pork loin sirloin boneless."

It was small. Not at all what the butcher recommended years ago when I asked. He said" Boston butt roast" is best because of its fat content.

This has very little fat and and I nibbled on it at every stage all the way through. It's not particularly flavorful either. And a bone would contribute considerable flavor. So it has those three shortcomings, scant fat, minor flavor, and no bone. But I don't care.

The only spice I used was cumin and coriander. Not even any additional chile powder as usual, nor even a jalapeño, and I have them on hand. Only Hatch chiles.

This was kept very simple. Small batch and fast.

vza said...

Yes, Pork Butt is usually recommended for that sort of thing, but when I've wanted to cut down the fat in our meals, I've made pretty good chili, carnitas and bbq pork using pork loin. Thanks, Chip.

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