fudgesicles with banana and peanut butter, peach popsicles

I measured the amount one popsicle mold cup can hold. Turns out to be 1/4 measurement cup. Then multiplied by 10 (molds) to get 2.5 measured cups. 

And came up 2 short by  mold cups. 

So that means the original 1/4 measurement was wrong. I read on another site they hold 1/3 measured cup. So that other site is right and I am wrong. See how mathematical measuring goes? One wrong move, even slightly, and boom, you're out by two full units. I'd have been better off by filling one popsicle mold cup 10 times with water and dumping it into another larger container and simply noting how high up the sides of the jar that the water goes, without caring at all about what the measured amount ends up being. Because the number is irrelevant. What is relevant is what works for accuracy. Not what intervening contrived for measuring purposes arbitrary number that is. Stated differently, the measuring unit can be anything, even something that's not a number,  including one of the popsicle mold cups.

It's like fitting a pallet of boxes through a door. What you need to know is if the pallet of stacked boxes will fit, not what the measurements of the door width and the pallet width are. The scientifically agreed number in inches or centimeters is irrelevant. A string with no numbers on it can confirm if the pallet will fit. 

To compensate for my 2 cup molds shortcoming  a ripe Colorado peach was smashed with lime added and that turned out to fill precisely the two empty cup molds.

The fudgesicles with banana  and peanut butter are much better than the peach. 

A little bit of peanut butter goes a very long way flavor-wise so only a single teaspoon was used. One banana flavors all eight. The chocolate is commercial chocolate milk because the chocolate within it is homogenized with the milk and it does not separate as it freezes as Ovaltine will. 

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