ice cream cones, ice cream bowls

First cones, then bowls. 

The cones are baked. The bowls were fried as pancakes.

The batter is basically whipped egg white with generous sugar. Flour is used to hold it together. Water to thin the batter. Butter for body and vanilla extract for flavor. 

Some recipes use almond extract as well. Recipes vary as to amount of sugar. Some call for scant tablespoons of milk. I believe water will be crispier than milk, as with chicken and tempura. My first trial I followed a recipe closely and had to keep adding water with each round. The batter kept getting thicker and thicker. Plus it was too much sugar. The discs hardened too quickly and simply could not be managed. After that I used my own amounts. None of the recipes advised whipping the egg whites but that's what I did for a fluffier batter. The large amount of butter fairly guarantees they will not stick.

I was thinking, why a bowl when the ceramic bowls used to shape them are so adorable? What's the point? Then when I ate it, tearing apart the bowl added satisfying crunch like potato chips do, except sweet rather than salty. 

Come to think of it, ice cream with a pile of potato chips sounds great.

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