shrimp omelet

What an amazing combination of herbs this turned out to be. I have never seen this suggested on any cooking show yet together they're extraordinary. I enjoyed this tremendously and my three-egg omelet was so easy to eat it disappeared before I was ready for it to be gone. I wanted more immediately. But after the unhappy episode I'm a bit wary of eating too much. 

* cilantro
* taragon
* scallion

This cheddar cheese is amazing. It's mysteriously powerful. A little goes a long way and this is a lot. Due to its power I find that it's better in combinations than it is by itself. 

Three large eggs. 

This dimpled greenpan (grayish white actually) is so slippery that I cannot fold an omelet in it. The whole mass just keeps sliding around. There is no friction whatsoever. And a bit of friction is needed to fold it to begin and to get it to roll out of the pan. 

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