shredded potato, ground beef patty

Cop out lunch.

See, all I wanted was a potato and I didn't care what form it takes.

This is shredded and tossed into a large pan. Mostly to test the pan. Butter. Salt/pepper garlic powder. Total cop out. It fries outstandingly. Best pan ever. Flipped as a giant pancake. Then broken up to expose the un-fried center and kept doing that moving it around. And it hit the spot. One potato makes a whole meal.

The hamburger patties are preformed and I'm not going to buy those anymore. There is nothing to recommend them except for convenience. While I have grass fed ground beef in the freezer. I can make my own patties that are much better.

At the meat counter I chatted it up with a woman. By appearance you wouldn't even approach her. She did appear unapproachable. But I intruded into her private psychic space anyway and within seconds she was telling me all about her home life, her food situation with her husband and what she had planned for dinner. She bought ground round for tacos. For her husband. Her meal is separate. And I thought, so I said, "How considerate. Now that effort is the mark of a solid marriage." I didn't know what I was talking about. Her marriage could be on the rocks for all that I know. But she confided she's vegetarian but recently began craving meat. So that separate food situation might not last much longer. Vegetarians are actually flexible sometimes. Not all of them get sick from one molecule of meat like a Hare Krishna acquaintance and his wife. While others behave disgusted with the habits of others, like another blusterous confused philosopher acquaintance, who then on their own and out of the blue abruptly switched. You should have heard all his argumentation and all his awful disparaging quips. about other people eating meat. And then his ridiculously lame excuses and his dismissals when he reverted back. Back at the counter,  the whole time we chatted I was wondering why she didn't buy the grass fed instead of specifically the ground round. After she left the meat guy agreed, the higher fat content is better. All the other prepackaged options are like 95% lean and I keep visualizing thin and gaunt pathetically malnourished cows where you actually have to add oil to cook it. Imagine, buying ground beef then adding olive oil or butter just to have sufficient fat. That's what these things are like. They should shrink more. With fatty beef I can add bread crumbs to retain the beef fat like tiny internal sponges.


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